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Last modified
31 March 98
by N.Guex



As several people have asked me how they should cite Swiss-PdbViewer, I have included references. You must at least use the third one.
The first one is a published abstract, the second one comes from the PDB newsletter. The third one is description of the homology modelling capabilities of Swiss-PdbViewer used in conjunction to the SWISS-MODEL server.It also gives a detailed example of what accuracy level you can expect from a model, and should be very instructive to people not familiar with protein modelling.

  • Guex, N.(1996)
    Swiss-PdbViewer: A new fast and easy to use PDB viewer for the Macintosh.
    Experientia 52, pp. A26.


  • Guex, N and Peitsch, M.C.(1996)
    Swiss-PdbViewer: A Fast and Easy-to-use PDB Viewer for Macintosh and PC.
    Protein Data Bank Quaterly Newsletter 77, pp. 7.

  • Guex, N. and Peitsch, M.C. (1997)
    SWISS-MODEL and the Swiss-PdbViewer: An environment for comparative protein modeling.
    Electrophoresis 18, 2714-2723.

If you can also include somewhere the official url, it would be nice.

Articles cited in user guide (in construction)


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