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Last modified
31 March 98
by N.Guex


Feedback and bugs reports

Your feedback is not only welcomed, it is higly useful as it keeps me aware of any problems. So far, I have received numerous reports of happy users, which keeps me happy too and helps me to continue to improve the Swiss-PdbViewer.

You can also send me a list of what you would like to see in future versions, and I will try to satisfy you (no guarantee of course).

Concerning bugs, I will do my best to fix them providing you send me an exact report of what's wrong. That means that when you find a bug, try to reproduce it and send me the following informations:

  • What version of Swiss-PdbViewer do you use ?
  • On which platform ?
  • What is the exact operation that causes the problem, and in which condition ?
  • Does the problem concerns every PDB file or just a specific one (if so, send me the incriminated file)
  • Can you solve the problem by deleting (with a word processor) any HETATM and CONECT from the file before loading it.


Hi !

I've noticed a problem with the version 1.3 for Mac 68K:
the program crashes when I perform the following operations:

- open file 1abc.pdb
- open file 1def.pdb
- Magic fit of 1def onto 1abc
- Bring the layer 1def to front
- Generate a structural alignement.

The program crashes during the last operation.

My computer is a Quadra 700 with 16Mb of memory, system 7.5, and I don't run any fancy extensions.

J. Smith