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This section describes an interface for Scan. Scan is not an official part of the ZOOM model yet. The result of a scan operation is the ZOOM_scanset which is a set of terms returned by a target.

    ZOOM_scanset ZOOM_connection_scan (ZOOM_connection c,
                                       const char *startterm);

    size_t ZOOM_scanset_size(ZOOM_scanset scan);

    const char * ZOOM_scanset_term(ZOOM_scanset scan, size_t pos,
                                   int *occ, size_t *len);

    void ZOOM_scanset_destroy (ZOOM_scanset scan);

    const char *ZOOM_scanset_option_get (ZOOM_scanset scan,
                                         const char *key);

    void ZOOM_scanset_option_set (ZOOM_scanset scan, const char *key,
                                  const char *val);

The scan set is created by function ZOOM_connection_scan which performs a scan operation on the connection and start term given. If the operation was successful, the size of the scan set can be retrieved by a call to ZOOM_scanset_size. Like result sets, the items are numbered 0,..size-1. To obtain information about a particular scan term, call function ZOOM_scanset_term. This function takes a scan set offset pos and returns a pointer to an actual term or NULL if non-present. If present, the occ and len are set to the number of occurrences and the length of the actual term respectively. A scan set may be freed by a call to function ZOOM_scanset_destroy. Functions ZOOM_scanset_option_get and ZOOM_scanset_option_set retrieves and sets an option respectively.