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A record object is a retrieval record on the client side - created from result sets.

     void ZOOM_resultset_records (ZOOM_resultset r,
                                  ZOOM_record *recs,
                                  size_t start, size_t count);
     ZOOM_record ZOOM_resultset_record (ZOOM_resultset s, size_t pos);

     const char *ZOOM_record_get (ZOOM_record rec, const char *type,
                                  size_t *len);

     ZOOM_record ZOOM_record_clone (ZOOM_record rec);

     void ZOOM_record_destroy (ZOOM_record rec);

References to temporary records are returned by functions ZOOM_resultset_records or ZOOM_resultset_record.

If a persistent reference to a record is desired ZOOM_record_clone should be used. It returns a record reference that should be destroyed by a call to ZOOM_record_destroy.

A single record is returned by function ZOOM_resultset_record that takes a position as argument. First record has position zero. If no record could be obtained NULL is returned.

Function ZOOM_resultset_records retrieves a number of records from a result set. Parameter start and count specifies the range of records to be returned. Upon completion array recs[0], ..recs[count-1] holds record objects for the records. The array of records recs should be allocated prior the call ZOOM_resultset_records. Note that for those records that couldn't be retrieved from the target recs[ ..] is set to NULL.

In order to extract information about a single record, ZOOM_record_get is provided. The function returns a pointer to certain record information. The nature (type) of the pointer depends on the parameter, type. In addition, for certain types, the length len passed will be set to the size in bytes of the returned information.