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Online Demo (requires Tk plugin) Using TkCon with other Tk Languages
This document is for those users who are trying to use TkCon with a non-Tcl based Tk language (ie - SchemeTk, PerlTk, PythonTk...).

TkCon requires Tcl/Tk 8.0+ to run. However, it can attach to any language with Tk4+ embedded into it with the use of the Tk 'send' command. I have been able to succesfully talk to SchemeTk-3.0 and Perl/Tk. When using TkCon attached to these interpreters, you must remember to talk to the connected interpreter in its language.

I welcome further comments from users of Tk-embedded languages on their experiences or ideas. Of course, you can always try to port TkCon in full to your language. I'd like to see the results from any such efforts.

Special Language Notes:

Perl Tk

Read the man page on Perl/Tk's send command. You have to define Tk::Receive before it will work. Stephen Lidie (lusol@Turkey.CC.Lehigh.EDU) contributed a companion Perl/Tk program that does the trick with some extras.

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