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nd_capture -- 



nd_capture_new ()

ND_Capture* nd_capture_new                  (void);

The function allocates and initializes a ND_Capture structure.

nd_capture_free ()

void        nd_capture_free                 (ND_Capture *capt);

This function cleans up capture structure -- it is assumed that the interface name and filter strings can be freed, so don't make them point to non-heap data.

nd_capture_dialog_show ()

GtkWidget*  nd_capture_dialog_show          (void);

The function creates and shows a packet capture dialog.

nd_capture_dialog_close ()

void        nd_capture_dialog_close         (GtkWidget *dialog);

The function closes and destroy the dialog, terminating any active captures.

nd_capture_dialog_start ()

void        nd_capture_dialog_start         (GtkWidget *dialog);

The function creates a capture structure according to current settings and passes it to nd_capture_start().

nd_capture_choose_filter_file ()

void        nd_capture_choose_filter_file   (GtkWidget *dialog);

The function shows a file selection dialog and sets the entry field in the capture dialog accordingly when a filter file is selected.

nd_capture_start ()

void        nd_capture_start                (ND_Capture *capture);

The function starts a new capture accordings to the settings given in capture. A new trace is added to the GUI that receives the new packets.

nd_capture_stop ()

void        nd_capture_stop                 (ND_Capture *capture);

The function stops the given capture. The structure is not deallocated.

nd_capture_possible ()

gboolean    nd_capture_possible             (void);

The function checks whether the user running Netdude can actually perform packet captures and returns the result.