hpoj reference: xojpanel

xojpanel is a graphical application that continuously displays the contents of the LCD (liquid crystal display) on the device's front panel, for devices which support readback of this information. See the xojpanel column on the hpoj Supported devices page for the most up-to-date information about which models support this feature.


The syntax of xojpanel is as follows:
	xojpanel [devname] [options...] &


xojpanel should work with most recent 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x versions of the QT library from Trolltech. If you don't have QT installed on your system, then the hpoj ./configure script should disable compilation of xojpanel.

xojpanel refuses to start, or exits if it has already started, upon any of the following conditions:

xojpanel mimics the look of a typical LCD with the font and foreground/background colors. It currently has two lines and is 20 characters wide. If the text on either line is too long, then it scrolls the text from right to left.

Advanced users may wish to hack the xojpanel source code to customize various compile-time options, such as font, colors, scroll speeds, poll rates, etc. See the xojpanel.cpp and xojpanel.h files in the hpoj source package's apps/xojpanel directory for more information.

Some models have a color LCD for previewing and adjusting photos before printing. It is not possible for xojpanel to retrieve graphical information from such displays.

Several models have quirks related to xojpanel and "ptal-hp display" that are worth mentioning here:

Andreas Fester originally wrote xojpanel, but Joe Piolunek wrote most of the code that is in the current version of xojpanel.