hpoj reference: ptal-hp

The ptal-hp command-line utility provides high-level access to various control and status features of supported HP multi-function peripherals, including: Not all features are available on all models.

In general, the common thread between the various functions of ptal-hp is that internally they involve access to PML objects on the device. On the other hand, ptal-pml may be used to get and set PML objects directly.

General syntax

The general command-line syntax of ptal-hp is:
	ptal-hp [devname] command [params...]

device -- general device information

Displays various information about the device, and displays (unavailable) for information that the device doesn't provide.


	ptal-hp [devname] device
There are no additional command-line parameters.

See also ptal-devid.

Example for a PSC 750:

	Model name:        PSC 700 Series
	Model number:      750
	Serial number:     MY11TA1040WB
	Firmware version:  BD401R
	Firmware datecode: (unavailable)
Example for an OfficeJet 700:
	Model name:        (unavailable)
	Model number:      (unavailable)
	Serial number:     (unavailable)
	Firmware version:  (unavailable)
	Firmware datecode: (unavailable)

display -- display readback

Displays the contents of the LCD (liquid crystal display) on the device's front panel, or displays (unavailable) if the device doesn't provide this information. See the xojpanel column on the hpoj Supported devices page for the most up-to-date information about which models support this feature.


	ptal-hp [devname] display
There are no additional command-line parameters.

A related utility is xojpanel, which is a graphical application that continuously displays the LCD contents in its own window. The xojpanel document contains some useful information that also applies to "ptal-hp display".

Example for a PSC 750:

	1 Copy   / 100%
Example for a LaserJet 3200:
	READY           AUTO
	JUL-31-2001  11:35PM
Example for an OfficeJet G85 with a page loaded in the ADF:
	Jul 31 01 11:37p
	Original loaded
Example for a LaserJet 1100A:

clock -- clock readback and setting

Displays the current date/time of the device's clock (if it has one), and if desired, synchronizes the clock to the PC's clock and/or changes the date/time display formats.


	ptal-hp [devname] clock [params...]
Where params... may be zero or more of: Any parameters you specify are processed in order of appearance on the command line.

"ptal-hp clock" currently does not support setting the device's clock to an arbitrary time or date (different from the PC clock). Most models allow you to set the clock from their front-panel menus.