import com.sleepycat.db.*;

public class DbTxn extends Object { ... }


This manual page describes the specific details of the DbTxn class.

The DbEnv transaction methods and the DbTxn class provide transaction semantics. Full transaction support is provided by a collection of modules that provide interfaces to the services required for transaction processing. These services are recovery, concurrency control, and the management of shared data.

Transaction semantics can be applied to the access methods described in Db through method call parameters.

The model intended for transactional use (and the one that is used by the access methods) is write-ahead logging to record both before- and after-images. Locking follows a two-phase protocol with all locks being released at transaction commit.


DbEnv, DbTxn

See Also

DbEnv.set_tx_max, DbEnv.set_tx_timestamp, DbTxn.abort, DbEnv.txn_begin, DbEnv.txn_checkpoint, DbTxn.commit, DbTxn.discard, DbTxn.id, DbTxn.prepare, DbEnv.txn_recover, and DbEnv.txn_stat.


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