import com.sleepycat.db.*;

static int DbEnv.set_pageyield(int pageyield); throws DbException;


Yield the processor whenever requesting a page from the cache. Setting pageyield to a true value causes Berkeley DB to yield the processor any time a thread requests a page from the cache. This functionality should never be used for any other purpose than stress testing.

The DbEnv.set_pageyield interface affects the entire application, not a single database or database environment.

The DbEnv.set_pageyield interface may be used to configure Berkeley DB at any time during the life of the application.

The DbEnv.set_pageyield method throws an exception that encapsulates a non-zero error value on failure.


The DbEnv.set_pageyield method may fail and throw an exception encapsulating a non-zero error for the following conditions:

An invalid flag value or parameter was specified.

The DbEnv.set_pageyield method may fail and throw an exception for errors specified for other Berkeley DB and C library or system methods. If a catastrophic error has occurred, the DbEnv.set_pageyield method may fail and throw a DbRunRecoveryException, in which case all subsequent Berkeley DB calls will fail in the same way.



See Also

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