#include <db.h>

int memp_fsync(DB_MPOOLFILE *mpf);


The memp_fsync function writes all pages associated with the DB_MPOOLFILE, which were marked as modified using memp_fput or memp_fset, back to the source file. If any of the modified pages are also pinned (that is, this or another process currently refers to them), memp_fsync will ignore them.

The memp_fsync function returns a non-zero error value on failure, 0 on success, and returns DB_INCOMPLETE if there were pages that were modified but that memp_fsync was unable to write immediately.


The memp_fsync function may fail and return a non-zero error for errors specified for other Berkeley DB and C library or system functions. If a catastrophic error has occurred, the memp_fsync function may fail and return DB_RUNRECOVERY, in which case all subsequent Berkeley DB calls will fail in the same way.

See Also

DB_ENV->set_cachesize, DB_ENV->set_mp_mmapsize, memp_fclose, memp_fget, memp_fopen, memp_fput, memp_fset, memp_fsync, memp_register, memp_stat, memp_sync, and memp_trickle.


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