Query objects represents queries.

     ZOOM_query ZOOM_query_create(void);

     void ZOOM_query_destroy(ZOOM_query q);

     int ZOOM_query_prefix(ZOOM_query q, const char *str);

     int ZOOM_query_sortby(ZOOM_query q, const char *criteria);

Create query objects using ZOOM_query_create and destroy them by calling ZOOM_query_destroy. RPN-queries can be specified in PQF notation by using the function ZOOM_query_prefix. More query types will be added later, such as CCL to RPN-mapping, native CCL query, etc. In addition to a search, a sort criteria may be set. Function ZOOM_query_sortby specifies a sort criteria using the same string notation for sort as offered by the YAZ client.

Protocol behavior

The query object is just an interface for the member Query in the SearchRequest. The sortby-function is an interface to the sortSequence member of the SortRequest.