>Future Directions

Chapter 10. Future Directions

We have a new and better version of the front-end server on the drawing board. Resources and external commitments will govern when we'll be able to do something real with it. Features should include greater flexibility, greater support for access/resource control, and easy support for Explain (possibly with Zebra as an extra database engine).

The 'retrieval' module needs to be finalized and documented. We think it can form a useful resource for people dealing with complex record structures, but for now, you'll mostly have to chew through the code yourself to make use of it. Not acceptable.

YAZ is a BER toolkit and as such should support all protocols out there based on that. We'd like to see running ILL applications. It shouldn't be that hard. Another thing that would be interesting is LDAP. Maybe a generic framework for doing IR using both LDAP and Z39.50 transparently.

Other than that, YAZ generally moves in the directions which appear to make the most people happy (including ourselves, as prime users of the software). If there's something you'd like to see in here, then drop us a note and let's see what we can come up with.