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Xdialog documentation - Authors and history


Xdialog v1.0 was originally written by Alfred Reynolds at Cyberone Internet in September 1999.

I discovered this utility in April 2000. At the time being, it was very basic (fixed menu size and position, only the standard dialog widgets and the treeview were implemented, and the dialog compatibility was less than perfect). But it was exactly what I was searching for and I then decided to improve it so to use it in a project I was developing at work.

Xdialog development has been taken over by me (Thierry Godefroy) from v1.1.0 ownwards (although v1.1.0 was never released: the first public release by me was v1.2.0).

Some Xdialog users also contributed to this project: thanks must go (in no particular order) to:

I hope I didn't forget anybody !   ;-)
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