Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11 API Specification: Class X9FieldElement
Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11

Class X9FieldElement

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class X9FieldElement
extends java.lang.Object
implements DEREncodable

class for processing an FieldElement as a DER object.

Constructor Summary
X9FieldElement(boolean fP, java.math.BigInteger q, DEROctetString s)
X9FieldElement(ECFieldElement f)
Method Summary
 DERObject getDERObject()
           FieldElement ::= OCTET STRING
 ECFieldElement getValue()
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Constructor Detail


public X9FieldElement(ECFieldElement f)


public X9FieldElement(boolean fP,
                      java.math.BigInteger q,
                      DEROctetString s)
Method Detail


public ECFieldElement getValue()


public DERObject getDERObject()
  FieldElement ::= OCTET STRING

  1. if q is an odd prime then the field element is processed as an Integer and converted to an octet string according to x 9.62 4.3.1.
  2. if q is 2m then the bit string contained in the field element is converted into an octet string with the same ordering padded at the front if necessary.
Specified by:
getDERObject in interface DEREncodable

Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11