We plan the follow major extensions to TCM, to be added in the order

(1) Addition of hierarchy, so that the enclosure of one node shape by
another node shape is relevant information. This allows the
representation of hierarchic statecharts, hierarchic DFDs, hierarchic
ERDs (with subject areas), packages that enclose other packages or
classes, etc.

(2) Addition of global constraints for both YSM and the UML,
i.e. constraints that involve different diagrams of one coherent

(3) Addition of executability for both YSM models and UML
models. This requires the definition resp. selection of execution
semantics for both YSM and UML models.These semantics are sketched in
R.J. Wieringa, ``Design Methods for Reactive Systems: Yourdon,
Statemate and the UML'', Course Notes, Department of Computer
Scienced, University of Twente. To implement this, we will have to
make this semantics precise.

Interleaved with these major updates, we will continue implementing
wishes in the wish list that we deem important.

Currently, we are working with roughly one person-equivalent on
TCM: Frank Dehne as chief architect,  Henk van de Zandschulp as
programmer, Roel Wieringa as project leader. Anyone who wants to
contribute to the GNU version of TCM made available by the University
of Twente, is welcome to do so. The three people just mentioned will
take it upon themselves to guarantee consistency and a coherent
architecture. Please contact tcm@cs.utwente.nl if you plan to
contribute to TCM.

You may want to adhere to a strict separation of specification from
implementation in your extensions of TCM. In the directory
$TCM_HOME/doc/specs (which is included in the source code distribution) 
you can find some examples of the way we specify our additions to TCM.