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Multiple-session, synchronous I/O engine

The pysnmp.mapping.udp.bulkrole module implements network transport that performat synchronous, blocking I/O over multiple BSD sockets at a time. This code is intended to be used in situations where a large number of SNMP entities need to be talked with at about the same time (consider a poll against multiple routers for gathering statistics at a specific time as an example).

This module defines the following items:

class manager([iface])

Returns a new instance of manager class, representing a bulk of synchronous SNMP managers, each of which can be running against its own SNMP agent.

The instances of manager class expose a standard list interface, where list items must be tuples of (address, data, ctx) where:

The iface parameter, if given, specifies the interface and port on local machine to bind() to. This argument must follow the socket module notation. All further requests would then be originated from the given interface/port.

The default for iface is ('', 0) what stands for binding to a primary interface at the local machine.

Methods of the above classes may raise exceptions based on error.SnmpOverUdpError base class.