JBoss API: Package org.jboss.tm.plugins.tyrex

Package org.jboss.tm.plugins.tyrex

Interface Summary
CoordinatorRemoteInterface Subset of the org.omg.CosTransactions.Coordinator interface necessary to register a remote subordinate transaction
TransactionManagerServiceMBean MBean interface for the Tyrex TransactionManager (not all calls are implemented)

Class Summary
CoordinatorRemote RMI Remote Proxy that enables the remote Transaction Manager to register the subordinate transaction as a resource with the originator's Coordinator
ResourceInvoker This is the InvocationHandler for the Proxy we hand over to the originator's Coordinator to control our subordinate transaction
ResourceRemote RMI Remote Proxy that enables the Coordinator on the originating side to control the subordinate transaction
TransactionManagerService This is a JMX service which manages the Tyrex TransactionManager (tyrex.exolab.org).
TyrexTransactionPropagationContextManager This object implements the TransactionPropagationContext importer and exporter for JBoss.
TyrexTxPropagationContext This class wraps the OMG PropagationContext to be able to pass it via RMI.

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