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SWISH-BUGS - List of bugs known in Swish-e

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This file contains a list of bugs reported or known in Swish-e. If you find a bug listed here you do not need to report it as a bug. But feel free to bug the developers about it on the Swish-e discussion list.

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Bugs in Swish-e version 2.2

  • Character Encodings

    The XML parser (Expat) returns UTF-8 data to swish-e. Therefore, the XML parser should only be used for parsing US-ASCII encoded text.

    8859-1 encodings before indexing and writing properties. Indexing non-8859-1 data may result in invalid character mappings.

    These issues will be resolved soon.

  • Phrase search failes with DoubleMetaphone

    DoubleMetaphone searching can produce two search words for a single query word. The words are expanded to (word1 OR word2), but that fails in a phrase query: ``some phrase (word1 or word2) here''

    swish-e query parser is due for a rewrite, and this could be resolved then.

        Reported: August 20, 2002 - moseley

  • Merging

    merge.c does not check for matching stopwords or buzzwords in each index.


        Reported: September 3, 2002 - moseley

  • ResultSortOrder

    ResultSort order is not used (and is not documented). The problem is that the data passed to Compare_Properties() does not have access to the ResultSortOrder table.


    Reported: September 3, 2002 - moseley

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