The FTP search source code

FTP search, Copyright © 1994-1997 Tor Egge
FTP search comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, for details, see disclaimer.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions, see license.

Knowledge about perl, ANSI C and shell scripts is required when installing this software.

Expect to spend most of a day installing the prerequisite software and a few hours installing and configuring this software afterwards.

The latest release is located at

The latest snapshot is placed at

Bug reports should be sent to

System requirements

  • ANSI C compiler (e.g. gcc
  • Posix and spec1170 compliant operating system with support for mmap (SVR4 + BSD extension or BSD 4.4 based)
  • BIND 4.9.3 or newer.
  • Posix regexp interface (i.e. regex.h, regcomp, regexec, regfree).
  • perl 4.036 or newer.
  • netpbm 1mar94
  • gnuplot 3.5
  • rcs 5.7
  • byte addressable hardware.
  • sizeof(int) must be 4.
  • The readline library is recommended if you want to run a telnet gateway.

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