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retawq Documentation
RFC (Requests For Comments)

Many specifications for the Internet are published as so-called "requests for comments" or "Internet drafts". They can be browsed and searched via and I've collected some RFCs here in the hope that you need not search as long as I did. :-)


HTTP/1.0 protocol: RFC1945
HTTP/1.1 protocol: RFC2616 (errata)
HTTP version numbering: RFC2145
HTTP authentication: RFC2617
HTTP extension framework: RFC2774
HTTP state management mechanism ("cookies"): RFC2965 (practice: RFC2964)


FTP security extensions (the commands "AUTH", "PROT" etc.): RFC2228
FTP extension for IPv6 and NATs (the commands "EPRT" and "EPSV"): RFC2428
FTP security considerations ("bounce attack" with proxies; password guessing): RFC2577
Firewall-friendly FTP: RFC1579
FTP feature negotiation (the commands "FEAT" and "OPTS"): RFC2389
FTP i18n: RFC2640
FTP extensions (draft #16, expires March 2003; the commands "MLSD", "MLST", "SIZE" etc.)


TLS: RFC2246
HTTP over TLS: RFC2818
HTTP/1.1 upgrade to TLS: RFC2817
Securing FTP with TLS (draft #10, expires 2nd April, 2003)
HMAC hashing: RFC2104
TLS extensions (draft #5, expires January 30, 2003)
SSL 3.0 (draft #2)


Requirements for Internet hosts: RFC1123 (updated by RFC1349 and RFC2181)
URIs: RFC2396 (report: RFC3305)
Base64 encoding: RFC2045, 6.8
Finger: RFC1288
Gopher: RFC1436
HTML 4.01 (errata)
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
NNTP: RFC977 (extensions: RFC2980)
JavaScript (experimental proposal 2.0)
IPv6: RFC2460 (addressing: RFC2373; basic socket interface extensions: RFC2553; advanced API: RFC2292)
Internet Message Format: RFC2822 (IMAP4: RFC2060; POP3: RFC1939, RFC2449)
RFC errata
User Agent Accessibility Guidelines

This documentation file is part of version 0.1.4 of retawq, a network client created by Arne Thomaßen. retawq is basically released under certain versions of the GNU General Public License and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Arne Thomaßen.