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retawq Documentation
  • Spanish translation by Jose M. Fdez <>
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation by Leonardo M. da Rosa <>
  • Portability tested on SourceForge's Compile Farm
  • Some ideas about a nice FTP protocol implementation taken from w3m
  • French translations of some technical notions taken from gFTP and Links
  • Protocol scheme "local-cgi" inspired by the Lynx protocol scheme "lynxcgi"
  • Some ideas about the display of certain character entities, especially on seven-bit terminals, taken from Lynx

This documentation file is part of version 0.1.4 of retawq, a network client created by Arne Thomaßen. retawq is basically released under certain versions of the GNU General Public License and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Arne Thomaßen.