JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API Documentation: Class NameSpaceSpec
JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API

Class NameSpaceSpec


public final class NameSpaceSpec
extends ResourceSpec

Resource specification for the root name space of a team. This allows you to specify which classes should be imported from other teams, thus allowing the teams to share objects.

Tim Stack, Utah Janos Team

Constructor Summary
NameSpaceSpec(NameSpaceGroup[] nsg)
          Construct a name space resource specification with the given class imports.
Method Summary
static NameSpaceSpec current()
 void finalize()
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Constructor Detail


public NameSpaceSpec(NameSpaceGroup[] nsg)
Construct a name space resource specification with the given class imports.
nsg - An array of NameSpaceGroup's which describe which class groups should be imported into the team.
Method Detail


public void finalize()
finalize in class java.lang.Object


public static NameSpaceSpec current()

JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API

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