<!-- MHonArc Resource File -->
<!-- $Id: date.mrc,v 1.3 2002/05/04 04:52:52 ehood Exp $
     Earl Hood <earl@earlhood.com>
<!-- This resource file utilizes the day grouping feature of MHonArc
     to format the main index.

<!--	Specify date sorting.

<!--	Set USELOCALTIME since local date formats are used when displaying

<!--    Define message local date format to print day of the week, month,
	month day, and year.  Format used for day group heading.
%B %d, %y

<!--	Redefine LISTBEGIN since a table will be used for index listing.
<LI><A HREF="$TIDXFNAME$">Thread Index</A></LI>
<table border=0>

<!--	DAYBEGIN defines the markup to be printed when a new day group
	is started.
<tr><td colspan=4><strong>$MSGLOCALDATE$</strong></td></tr>

<!--	DAYBEND defines the markup to be printed when a day group
	ends.  No markup is needed in this case, so we leave it blank.


<!--	Define LITEMPLATE to display the time of day the message was
	sent, message subject, author, and any annotation for the
<tr valign=top>

<!--	Define LISTEND to close table