Release Notes: RealAudio and Firewalls

Advanced Firewall Proxy Kit Features

The following features are included in the RealAudio Firewall Proxy Kit but have been commented out. If you would like to implement these features remove the comment tags by editing Makefile.

Stream Limiting

This will limit the number of streams that the proxy allows through.

	# Uncomment this to limit the number of streams (set the number in raproxy.h) 



	# If LOAD_LIMIT is turned on, the number of streams is defaults to 2 unless 

	# this line is uncommented


Run raloadinit in the startup file (usually /etc/rc) prior to running inetd. inetd and raloadinit write to raproxy.lock. You can change the name and location of raproxy.lock in raproxy.h.

Compilation problems

  • Some versions of UNIX do not support bcopy and bzero, this can cause compilation problems. Uncommenting this line will cause the compilation to use memset and memcopy instead of bcopy and bzero.

    	# Uncomment this on systems to use memset/memcpy instead of bcopy, bzero
    	  CFLAGS+=       -DSYSV 

  • Uncomment the following line if your system does not support sterrror().

    	# Uncomment this on systems without strerror(), such as SunOS v4 or older
    	  CFLAGS+=       -DSUNOS

Use TCP Only

Uncommenting this function will only allow TCP delivery to Players behind the firewall.

	# Uncomment this to disable UDP delivery in raproxy


Each individual RealAudio Player will still have to edit network preferences to receive only TCP packets.

SOCKS generic proxy

Uncommenting this function will allow the RealAudio Firewall Proxy to communicate with the SOCKS firewall. The RealAudio Firewall Proxy must be located on a machine that has the SOCKS libraries on it.

	# Uncomment the following to use the SOCKS libraries

	   LIBS+= -lsocks


For more information visit the SOCKS Web page at (This link requires an Internet connection.)

AIX Platform-Specific Information

For AIX systems, edit Makefile and uncomment the following line:


Solaris Platform-Specific Information

For Solaris systems, edit Makefile and uncomment the following line:

	#LIBS=	-lsocket -lnsl
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