Quat 1.2 - A 3D-Fractal-Generator
(Generation of quaternionic fractals)

Copyright (C) 1997-2002 Dirk Meyer
This software is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
email: dirk.meyer@studserv.uni-stuttgart.de
Website: http://www.physcip.uni-stuttgart.de/phy11733/index_e.html

Link: Anleitung in deutscher Sprache.


1. Introduction
    1.1 What's new?
    1.2 System requirements
    1.3 Bugs and adresses, Mailing list
2. General instructions
    2.1 Mathematical basis of fractal calculation
    2.2 Coordinate systems and definition of the view plane
    2.3 ZBuffers
3. Operation
    3.1 Using the user interface version (Windows, Linux/X Window System)
           Object Editor, View Editor, Color Editor and Intersection Editor
    3.2 Using the text only version
4. Structure of the initialization file(s)
    4.1 Key words for definition of fractal object and view
    4.2 Key words for definition of colours
    4.3 Key words for definition of intersection objects
    4.4 Other key words
5. Appendix
    5.1 Exploring a 3D-fractal
    5.2 Examples for the effect of some parameters
    5.3 Cross eyed view (for true 3D perception of an object)
    5.4 The initialization file(s)