Log4j Version 1.2.7: Package org.apache.log4j.performance
Log4j 1.2.7

Package org.apache.log4j.performance

Package to measure the performance of the different log4j components.


Class Summary
ConcatVsArray Measure difference in performance of string concatenation versus creating an anonymous string array.
ListVsVector Compares the performance of looping through a list versus a Vector.
Logging Measure the performance of logging.
NewVsSetLen This program compares the cost of creating a new StringBuffer and converting it to a String versus keeping the same StringBuffer, setting its size to zero and then converting it to String.
NOPWriter Extends Writer with methods that return immediately without doing anything.
NotLogging Measure the performance of evaluating whether to log or not to log, but not actually logging.
NullAppender A bogus appender which calls the format method of its layout object but does not write the result anywhere.
SystemTime Measures the time required to make a System.currentTimeMillis() and Thread.currentThread().getName() calls.

Package org.apache.log4j.performance Description

Package to measure the performance of the different log4j components.

The org.apache.log4j.performance package is intended for internal use only. Consequently, the classes in this package are not included in the log4j.jar file.

Log4j 1.2.7

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