: Package com.icl.saxon.om

Package com.icl.saxon.om

Interface Summary
AxisEnumeration A NodeEnumeration is used to iterate over a list of nodes.
DocumentInfo The root node of an XPath tree.
NodeEnumeration A NodeEnumeration is used to iterate over a list of nodes.
NodeInfo A node in the XML parse tree representing an XML element, character content, or attribute.

Class Summary
AbstractNode This class is an abstract implementation of the Saxon NodeInfo interface; it also contains concrete implementations of most of the DOM methods in terms of the NodeInfo methods.
Axis An axis, that is a direction of navigation in the document structure.
Builder The abstract Builder class is responsible for taking a stream of SAX events and constructing a Document tree.
DocumentBuilderFactoryImpl Implementation of JAXP 1.1 DocumentBuilderFactory.
DocumentPool An object representing the collection of documents handled during a single transformation
EmptyEnumeration EmptyEnumeration: an enumeration of an empty node-set
Name This class, a remnant of its former self, exists to contain some static methods for validating the syntax of names.
NamePool An object representing a collection of XML names, each containing a Namespace URI, a Namespace prefix, and a local name; plus a collection of namespaces, each consisting of a prefix/URI pair.
Namespace An object representing a Namespace
Navigator Navigator provides helper classes for navigating a tree, irrespective of its implementation
ProcInstParser ProcInstParser is used to parse pseudo-attributes within Processing Instructions
SingletonEnumeration SingletonEnumeration: an enumeration of zero or one nodes
Stripper The Stripper class maintains details of which elements need to be stripped.

Exception Summary
NamespaceException A NamespaceException represents an error condition whereby a QName (e.g.