nhc98 status

The latest stable release is 1.14. The CVS development tree is now at version 1.15. Bugfixes and important changes to the system are described here for the two most recent released versions.

nhc98 1.14 (2002-06-14) features

  • New: The Hat tracing system is now entirely separate from the nhc98 compiler. Hat can now be used with either ghc or nhc98 - you should download and build the Hat system after building nhc98.
  • New: The compiler now supports a simplified version of ghc's package mechanism. No documentation yet, but Hat relies on it.
  • Performance: Various patches for improved time/space usage of the compiler itself, contributed by Thomas Nordin.
  • Bugfix: Various small fixes for OS environments like OpenBSD, ix86-Solaris, etc.

nhc98 1.12 (2002-03-14) features

  • New: The old hat-trail tool written in Java is now obsolete, replaced by a brand new version written in Haskell.
  • New: There are numerous improvements to the Hat tools, and their command syntax is now simplified and much more uniform.
  • New: All possible tunnels between hat-trail, hat-observe, and hat-detect are now available.
  • New: The first version of the portable Hat transformation is now available. In other words, Hat can now compile simple programs with ghc instead of nhc98.
  • Bugfix: The Time library now has implementations of addToClockTime and diffClockTimes, and tdPicoSec is renamed to tdPicosec.
  • Bugfix: The Numeric library now has implementations of floatToDigits, formatRealFloat, fromRat, and show[EFG]Float.
  • Bugfix: Numerous small problems with building on MacOS X have been ironed out.
  • Bugfix: The IO library did not re-export the PreludeIO definitions.
  • Bugfix: An infix pattern decl of the form a `Foo` (b `Bar` c) = 3 `Foo` (4 `Bar` 5) could not be compiled because the parser lost the explicit bracketing on the LHS.
  • Bugfix: Allow an empty import/export decl with a single stray comma.
  • Bugfix: Fix block-buffered file handles, so that they produce output exactly when the buffer is full.
  • Bugfix: Do not treat `qualified', `hiding', or `interface' as keywords of the language - they are significant only in certain positions.
  • Bugfix: Increase garbage collection counters to 64-bits for correct reports in long-running computations.
  • Bugfix: Accept `instance ClassName (Prelude.->)' in source and interface files.
  • Bugfix: Work around a rare buffer problem in hp2graph.
  • Bugfix: Where an entire module is re-exported, but one of its variables is hidden on import, the hidden variable should not be re-exported.
  • Bugfix: Fix link message "undefined reference to `FN_Ix_46_95_46Unknown_46variable'" when using library Array.
  • Bugfix: Update configuration script (again) to detect ghc-5.02 correctly.

Previous release history (nhc98)

Release history of nhc13

Status of various components

The basic, stable, components include the compiler itself, the Standard Prelude and Libraries, heap profiling facilities, and the tools hmake, greencard, and hp2graph. Relatively recent additions to the system are the time profiler and common FFI.

component compiler prelude + libraries heap profiling hp2graph GreenCard hmake
quality release release release release release release
last change 2002-03-12 2002-06-07 1997 1996 2001-06-01 2002-06-07
component time profiling common FFI hi HOOD
quality beta release release release
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