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List information

There are three mailing lists available for all users of the nhc98 Haskell compiler, (including ordinary users, implementors, and researchers) to share information, discuss features, report bugs, distribute patches, plan future directions, and so on. They are:

For discussions and announcements:
For bug reports and fixes:
For developers using the CVS respository:

Minor releases of the compiler will be announced on the nhc-users list. Major releases will also be announced more widely, for instance on the Haskell mailing list.

We encourage users to submit all bug reports to the nhc-bugs list, rather than directly to the maintainers, to ensure that both the bugs and their fixes are publically accessible via the list archive.

The list cvs-nhc98 is mainly for `commit' messages to the CVS repository. However, if you have a bug report that only applies to a recent CVS version, this might be a more appropriate list to report it than on the more general bugs list.

Note: you do not need to be a member of a list to post to it.

To subscribe or unsubscribe

To join a list, to leave it, or to modify your personal settings, just go to the appropriate web page for the list and follow the instructions.

List archive

A web archive of messages is available for each list from its homepage (listed above). You do not need to be a member of a list to search its archive. One list, nhc-users, was run from a different server prior to 1st May 2001. Messages from before that date are archived separately at:

The latest updates to these pages are available on the WWW from

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