nhc98 libraries

Here is the status of nhc98's implementation of the standard libraries defined in the official Haskell '98 Library Report:

library namecomplete?notes
Array yes implementation based on vectors
CPUTime yes .
Char yes .
Complex yes .
Directory yes .
IO no missing: hReady, hWaitForInput, hLookAhead, hIsOpen, hIsClosed, hIsReadable, hIsWritable, hIsSeekable
Ix yes .
List yes additional fns: deleteFirsts, elemBy, elemIndexBy, lookupBy, notElemBy, permutations, subsequences, sums, products
Locale yes .
Maybe yes .
Monad yes additional fn: untilM
Numeric yes additional fn: showIntBase
Prelude yes .
Random yes identical to Hugs implementation
Ratio yes .
System yes .
Time yes .

Here is the status of non-standard libraries provided by nhc98:

library namedescription
BinArray imperative binary arrays
Binary binary I/O and binary representations of values
Bit bit-twiddling operations, e.g. and, or, xor
FFI foreign function interface
GreenCard just the standard %dis definitions and constructors you need in order to write your own GreenCard files
IOExtras contains IORefs, IOArrays, unsafePerformIO, etc.
NonStdTrace the common side-effecting trace function
PackedString a space-efficient representation of strings

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