mod_dtcl Apache directives

  • Dtcl_Script GlobalInitScript "script"
    Tcl script that is run when each interpreter is initialized. "script" is actual Tcl script, so to run a file, you would do Dtcl_Script GlobalInitScript "source /var/www/foobar.tcl".
  • Dtcl_Script ChildInitScript "script"
    Script to be evaluated when each apache child is initialized. This is the best place to load modules.
  • Dtcl_Script ChildExitScript "script"
    Script to be evaluated when each apache child exits.
  • Dtcl_Script BeforeScript "script"
    Script to be evaluated before each .ttml page. Note that you cannot use hputs in the BeforeScript, but must instead use buffer_add.
  • Dtcl_Script AfterScript "script"
    Script to be called after each .ttml page.
  • Dtcl_Script ErrorScript "script"
    This code is called in place of the standard 'error' pages generated for mod_dtcl. This directive may be useful if you have sensitive logic that you wish to protect.
  • Dtcl_CacheSize cachesize
    Number of ttml scripts to cache as Tcl Objects. Default is MaxRequestsPerChild / 2, or 50, if MaxRequestsPerChild is 0.
  • Dtcl_UploadFilesToVar on/off
    If on, files will be uploaded to the variable UPLOAD(data). Be careful with this, as large files could use up your memory.
  • Dtcl_SeperateVirtualInterps on/off
    If on, each VirtualHost will have its own Tcl interpreter.