libgda API Reference

Table of Contents
libgda -- Library initialization
GdaBatch -- Batch command execution
GdaClient -- Database client access
gda-command -- Functions that deal with GdaCommand.
gda-config -- Access/Management of libgda configuration
GdaConnection -- Management of connections to data sources
GdaDataModelArray -- Array model class
GdaDataModelHash -- An implementation of GdaDataModel based on a hash table.
GdaDataModelList -- List model class
GdaDataModel -- Basic data model class
GdaError -- Functions for managing errors
GdaExport -- Exporting of databases
gda-field -- Management of database fields
gda-log -- Log functions
gda-parameter -- Functions to manage parameters
gda-quark-list -- Quark lists (lists of KEY=VALUE's)
gda-row -- Functions for accesing GdaRow.
GdaSelect -- 
GdaTable -- An in-memory representation of a database table
GdaTransaction -- 
gda-util -- Utility functions
gda-value -- 
GdaXmlConnection -- 
GdaXmlDatabase -- XML database representation (used for import/export and in the default provider)
GdaXmlDocument -- Base class for XML document management

The following sections describe the API available for GDA applications.