Lynx changes into Dired mode when you use a URL of the type file://localhost/path/. While in Dired mode, some keys are remapped to do the following functions:

        C)reate       - Create a new, empty file in the current
                        directory.  You will be prompted to enter
                        a name for the file.

        F)ull menu    - Show a full menu of commands for currently
                        selected file or directory.

        M)odify       - Modify the name or location of selection.  If
                        multiple files have been selected, you will
                        only be able to change the location.  Choose
                        between changing the name or location and then
                        enter a new filename or path.

        R)emove       - Delete currently selected files.

        T)ag          - Tag the highlighted file.  Multiple files may
                        be tagged and all other commands except "Create"
                        will be performed on tagged files instead of the
                        one highlighted.  Press 't' again to untag
                        a file.

        U)pload       - Upload a file to the current directory using
                        one of the options listed in the upload screen.
Some other keys useful in Dired mode:
        D)ownload     - Download selection using options listed in
                        the download options screen.

        E)dit         - Spawn the editor defined in the Options Menu
                        and load selection for editing.
Note: Dired mode must be activated at compile time. Otherwise, the above commands will not be available and Lynx will treat a directory listing as an HTML file.