VAJTask (Apache Ant API)
Class VAJTask






Direct Known Subclasses:
VAJExport, VAJImport, VAJLoad

public class VAJTask
extends Task

Field Summary
protected  java.lang.String remoteServer
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description, location, target, taskName, taskType, wrapper
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected getUtil()
          returns the VAJUtil implementation
 void setRemote(java.lang.String remoteServer)
          Name and port of a remote tool server, optiona.
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execute, getDescription, getLocation, getOwningTarget, getRuntimeConfigurableWrapper, getTaskName, handleErrorOutput, handleOutput, init, isInvalid, log, log, maybeConfigure, perform, setDescription, setLocation, setOwningTarget, setRuntimeConfigurableWrapper, setTaskName
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getProject, setProject
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Field Detail


protected java.lang.String remoteServer
Constructor Detail


public VAJTask()
Method Detail


protected getUtil()
returns the VAJUtil implementation


public void setRemote(java.lang.String remoteServer)
Name and port of a remote tool server, optiona. Format: <servername>:<port no>. If this attribute is set, the tasks will be executed on the specified tool server.

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