VAJExportServlet (Apache Ant API)
Class VAJExportServlet










All Implemented Interfaces:, javax.servlet.Servlet, javax.servlet.ServletConfig

public class VAJExportServlet
extends VAJToolsServlet

A Remote Access to Tools Servlet to extract package sets from the Workbench to the local file system. The following table describes the servlet parameters.
Parameter Values Description
dir Any valid directory name on the server. The directory to export the files to on the machine where the servlet is being run. If the directory doesn't exist, it will be created.

Relative paths are relative to IBMVJava/ide/tools/com-ibm-ivj-toolserver, where IBMVJava is the VisualAge for Java installation directory.

include See below. The pattern used to indicate which projects and packages to export.
exclude See below The pattern used to indicate which projects and packages not to export.
cls "yes" or "no" (without the quotes) Export class files. Defaults to "no".
src "yes" or "no" (without the quotes) Export source files. Defaults to "yes".
res "yes" or "no" (without the quotes) Export resource files associated with the included project(s). Defaults to "yes".
dex "yes" or "no" (without the quotes) Use the default exclusion patterns. Defaults to "yes". See below for an explanation of default excludes.
owr "yes" or "no" (without the quotes) Overwrite any existing files. Defaults to "yes".

The vajexport servlet uses include and exclude parameters to form the criteria for selecting packages to export. The parameter is broken up into ProjectName/packageNameSegments, where ProjectName is what you expect, and packageNameSegments is a partial (or complete) package name, separated by forward slashes, rather than periods. Each packageNameSegment can have wildcard characters.

Wildcard Characters Description
* Match zero or more characters in that segment.
? Match one character in that segment.
** Matches all characters in zero or more segments.

Wolf Siberski, based on servlets written by Glenn McAllister
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Field Summary
static java.lang.String OVERWRITE_PARAM
static java.lang.String WITH_DEBUG_INFO
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Method Summary
protected  void executeRequest()
          Respond to a request to export packages from the Workbench.
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public static final java.lang.String WITH_DEBUG_INFO
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public static final java.lang.String OVERWRITE_PARAM
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public VAJExportServlet()
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protected void executeRequest()
Respond to a request to export packages from the Workbench.

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executeRequest in class VAJToolsServlet

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