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This section describes the parameters related to specific LDAP hosts/backends.

[addform_oc_list] [binddnsearch] [cache_maxmem] [cache_timeout] [description] [dit] [hiddenattrs] [passwd_hashtypes] [print_cols] [print_template] [read_operationalattrstemplate] [read_template] [search_attrs] [search_attrsonly] [search_resultsperpage] [search_tablistattrs] [search_tdtemplate] [searchform_template] [ssl_minlevel] [ssl_valid_dn] [ssl_valid_idn] [starttls] [timeout] [vcard_template]


List of LDAP hosts which will appear in the default select list of the login form.


      ldap_host_list = [
This is a string-keyed dictionary (Python data structure) which holds all options specific for certain LDAP hosts or backends( naming contexts). The values of the dictionary ldap_def are of the simple class Web2LDAPConfig which is instantiated via key word arguments.


Any configuration parameter in the dictionary web2ldapcnf.hosts.ldap_def is retrieved by looking at string-key 'ldap://ldap_host/ldap_basedn', 'ldap_host' and '_' in this particular order.
This allows to hold several database backends on the same host with the same DNS name. It also shortens the ldap_def dictionary by avoiding having to repeat same options for every server and makes browsing of completely unconfigured hosts easy.


  ldap_def = {

    '_': {
      # Default fall-back options

    'nldap.com': {
      # Per-host options for host nldap.com

    'ldap://localhost/dc=stroeder,dc=com': {
      # Options dictionary entries for backend
      # on host localhost with naming context dc=stroeder,dc=com

Now each parameter is described. A system default value is assumed if the parameter was not defined at all (no dictionary key parameter). Most times this default value simply switches off a certain behaviour.
Default: []
Default: '(uid=%s)'
Search filter template for smart login. Occurences of %s are substituted by the string the user entered.
Default: 0
Maximum cache size in bytes (per session!) If set to zero caching is turned-off.
Default: 0
Maximum amount of time in seconds a result is valid in the cache. If set to zero caching is turned-off.
Default: ''
Textual description of the host or backend.
Default: {}
This is a dictionary with DNs as string keys and tuples of the form (RDN attribute type,list of object classes,immutable flag) as value. Note that the values are used solely for new entries for the next level below the given DN.
RDN attribute type
Specifies which attribute type is used for forming the RDN (relative distinguished name) of the new entry.
list of object classes
List of object classes for new entries (no schema checking).
immutable flag
If this flag is set to non-zero value, the user cannot choose the object class or set the RDN manually.
Default: []
Attributes listed here are never displayed nor modified.
Example (might be a good idea to hide these...):
Default: []
List of strings specifying the allowed password-hash types. Valid values of implemented hashing schemes are: The hash-based encodings require the appropriate Python modules to be installed on your system. The presence of the modules is automatically detected and the displayed select list shows the available password hash-types.
Example (allow only salted MD5 and salted SHA-1):
Default: '4'
Number of columns for printable output.
Default: None
HTML template files for printing table entries. This is a dictionary with object class names as key and path names of HTML template files as value.
Default: ''
Path name of a HTML template file for displaying operational attributes at the bottom when displaying a single entry.
Default: {}
Default: ['cn','mail']
Default: 1
There are some situations in which web2ldap just wants to get the existing attribute types of an entry and not the data itself for saving bandwidth. However some broken LDAP hosts (e.g. Notes Domino 4.61) have problems with such an attributetype-only request, they won't return any matches for a search. If you experience this problems (no matching entry) set this to 0.
Default: 10
Integer which specifies the number of results shown per page. This affects the select list of the search form and displaying results of a search without prior use of a search form.
Default: []
Default: {}
HTML template strings used to display entries in the table of search results depending on the object class of an entry. This is a dictionary with object class names as key and HTML templates strings as value.
Default: ''
HTML template file for the input fields of a Basic Search Form. The HTML document must not contain HTML <head> section, <body> or <html> tags.
Default: 0
Defines the minimum required SSL security level for accessing this host/backend through the web2ldap gateway.
Default: ''
Regex describing the valid subject DNs of client certificates.
Default: ''
Regex describing the valid DNs of issuer certificates of valid client certificates.
Default: 0
Integer defining whether StartTLS should not be used (value 0), StartTLS should be tried (value 1) or use of StartTLS is mandantory (value 2) for connecting to this server. Does only make sense per server.
Default: -1
Timeout value for LDAP operations on seconds. -1 switches off timeout handling.
Default: {}
HTML template files for vCard downloading. This is a dictionary with object class names as key and path names of vCard template files as value.

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