hpoj reference: libsane-hpoj

The libsane-hpoj shared library is a SANE backend which supports scanning on hpoj-supported multi-function peripherals. It implements the SANE backend API standard and is accessible via any number of SANE-compliant frontend applications, such as scanimage, xscanimage, xsane, etc.

libsane-hpoj is a major improvement over the two separate scanning solutions used in some previous hpoj versions (SANE hp backend and hpoj "ptal-hp scan" command-line utility), because it provides a common interface for all supported models, is better suited to the unique capabilities of HP multi-function peripherals, has better ADF (automatic document feeder) and scrollfed-scanner support, is much more robust in general, and doesn't require the sane-backends package to be recompiled for hpoj support.

See the hpoj Supported devices page for the most up-to-date list of models with which libsane-hpoj supports scanning.

Depending on your model, libsane-hpoj supports the HP SCL (Scanner Control Language) and PML (Peripheral Management Language) scanning protocols, with or without MFPDTF (Multi-Function Peripheral Data Transfer Format) packetized encoding. If necessary it performs JPEG decompression in color and grayscale scan modes, and MH, MR, and MMR decompression in lineart (bi-level, black-and-white) scan mode.

Supported options

This section describes the supported device options, including the specific option keyword usable from the scanimage command line, option type, and possible values. Some options or values are not available on some models. In some cases, changing an option's value may affect the presence or possible values of options after (but not before) it in the list.

The following basic options are in the "Scan mode" group:

The following advanced options are in the "Advanced" group: The following advanced options are in the "Geometry" group:

Environment variables

libsane-hpoj supports the following environment variables, in addition to those supported by libptal: