There are two kinds of Frodo distributions. The source distributions ("FrodoV?_?.Src.*") contain source code that has to be compiled on your system. The binary distributions ("FrodoV?_?..*") contain an executable that can be started directly.

Compiling under BeOS

There are BeIDE project files for Frodo ("Frodo.proj"), Frodo PC ("FrodoPC.proj") and Frodo SC ("FrodoSC.proj"). You must rename (or copy) Src/sysconfig.h.Be to Src/sysconfig.h first. Compilation requires the unlimited Metrowerks linker.

Compiling under Unix

First you have to run the program "configure". This can be done simply with the following command:

cd Src

You might want to give configure optional arguments. To use SVGAlib on Linux systems, you have to do

cd Src
./configure --without-x

To select a german keyboard layout in the X11 version instead of the usual US keyboard, do

cd Src
./configure --enable-kbd-lang-de

After running configure, you may want to edit the generated Makefile. To use the SHM extension (highly recommended for speed), add "-DX_USE_SHM" to the definition of CFLAGS. To get sound under Solaris 2.x, add "-DSUN". Next, type

make all

Compiling under AmigaOS

The makefile was written for the ADE with GCC. Other compilers have not been tested. You must rename (or copy) Src/sysconfig.h.Amiga to Src/sysconfig.h first. Then type

cd Src
make -fMakefile.Amiga all

The C64 ROM files (all systems)

Frodo looks for four ROM files named "Basic ROM", "Kernal ROM", "Char ROM" and "1541 ROM" in the same directory Frodo is in. These files are included in the source and binary distributions of Frodo. "Kernal ROM" is an extended version of the C64 Kernal.