Bug reports

If you find a bug or a misfeature in Frodo, or have an idea how to make some things better, then please drop me a note so I'll be able to improve Frodo in the future. However, I'm not interested in reports about programs that "don't work" unless you have tested them with both Frodo SC and a real C64. My address can be found here. Questions about the Unix version should go to Bernd Schmidt (esp. Linux) and Lutz Vieweg (esp. HP-UX). Questions about the Mac version should go to Richard Bannister. Questions about the Win32 version should go to J. Richard Sladkey. Questions about the Acorn version should go to Andreas Dehmel.

I don't think the emulation can be made much faster without changing the concept but I'd be happy to find someone showing me how to do it.

Known bugs of the BeOS version:

  • Ctrl-C in SAM doesn't work (probably a bug in the signal handling of BeOS)
  • The "SAM" menu option should be disabled if Frodo was started from the Tracker, but there is no way I know of to determine whether the program was launched from the Shell or the Tracker
  • Frodo SC doesn't work very well in full-screen mode
  • Double scan in full-screen mode doesn't work
Known bugs of the Unix version:

  • Only supports german and US keyboards
  • Can only use 256 color visuals
Known bugs of the AmigaOS version:

  • Many :-)