Egon Animator is invoked as:
egon [X-options] [siod-options] [filename]

X Options

Egon Animator accepts the standard X Toolkit command line options and arguments:
-display display
-geometry geometry
-bg color, -background color
-bd color, -bordercolor color
-bw number, -borderwidth number
-fg color, -foreground color
-fn font, -font font
-rv, -reverse
-title string
-xnllanguage language[ territory][.codeset]
-xrm resourcestring

Siod options

Any options not accepted by X are passed on to Siod, which accepts the following options:
XXXXX is an integer, to specify the heap size in obj cells. N is an optional number of heaps limit (default 2).
XXXXX is a filename to load before going into the repl loop.
X = 1 for stop-and-copy garbage collection, 0 for mark-and-sweep.
XXXXX is the size of the symbol hash table to use, default 100.
XXXXX is the number of preconsed/interned non-negative numbers.
XXXXX is the number of bytes of machine recursion stack.
XXXXX is an expression to evaluate, then exit.


Any other arguments are taken as names of Egon Animator documents to be loaded on startup. If no filenames are given, Egon Animator is started with an empty document called "noname".

Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be used to customize Egon Animator.
The base directory of the Egon Animator installation. This variable is used to find the documentation. Defaults to "/usr/local/siag".
The name of the web browser that will be used to view the on-line help. Defaults to "siaghelp".

Ulric Eriksson - February 1997 -