LayoutHeaderTXT (depreciated in version 2.5)


LayoutHeaderTXT is a form of the Header Directive that inserts data into the outbound stream before the document is displayed. For more text then a single line you should make use of LayoutHeaderFile. If you are using static information in your header you are far better off using this or LayoutHeaderFile since both methods cache their data in Apache directly.


LayoutHeaderTXT "<H1> Pages made by foobar corp.</H1>"

Known Problems

Like all Header methods this can break pages that use Frames if you are not careful. Also, you can end up breaking the Title for the page depending on what the contents of the Header are. A number of companies seem to get around this problem by using Footer with some JavaScript to place either a floating window in the window or by doing some other similair type workaround (when someone mails me an example piece of JavaScript doing this, I will add it to the FAQ).