Help Page for Help

Well, what about a help page for a help. In the Help Dialog, if you are using the GIMP help browser, you will see three tabs — Index, Contents, and the current help page (this is the tab where you are reading this text).

In the Index tab you will find links to most of the subjects in the GIMP help system. In the Contents tab you will find links built up of a hierarchy. This will enable you to find all help pages about a special area of GIMP (e.g all help pages about selections).

You can invoke the help system either by pressing F1 in a GIMP dialog or window or by pressing F1 when a menu item is active. For example, go into a menu and hover over a menuentry, such as Grow, now press F1 and the help page for Grow will be loaded into the help browser.

If you press Shift-F1 then you will get a ? sign which you can point and click on buttons and other items in GIMP. If the item has help available, the help document is loaded into the help browser.

Additional Information

Default Keyboard Shortcut: F1