Berkeley DB: Source Code Distribution Layout

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Source Code Distribution Layout

btreeB+tree access method source code.
build_unixUNIX build directory.
build_win16Windows 3.1 build directory
build_win32Windows/95, Windows/NT build directory.
build_vmsOpenVMS build directory.
clibC library replacement source code.
commonSource code shared by all of Berkeley DB.
cxxC++ API.
dbBerkeley DB interface source code.
db185Compatibility source code for DB version 1.85
db_archiveThe db_archive(1) utility source code.
db_checkpointThe db_checkpoint(1) utility source code.
db_deadlockThe db_deadlock(1) utility source code.
db_dumpThe db_dump(1) utility source code.
db_dump185The db_dump185(1) utility source code.
db_loadThe db_load(1) utility source code.
db_printlogDebugging utility
db_recoverThe db_recover(1) utility source code.
db_statThe db_stat(1) utility source code.
dbmCompatibility source code for dbm(3) and ndbm(3).
distVarious files used to build the Berkeley DB distribution.
docsBerkeley DB documentation.
examplesC API example source code for using the Berkeley DB library.
examples_cxxC++ API example source code for using the Berkeley DB library.
examples_javaJava API example source code for using the Berkeley DB library.
hashHash access method source code.
hsearchCompatibility source code for hsearch(3).
includeInclude files for Berkeley DB.
javaJava API.
libdb_javaSources to build the libdb_java shared library.
lockLock manager source code.
logLog manager source code.
mpShared memory buffer pool source code.
mutexSpin-lock mutex source code.
osOperating-system specific functionality.
os_win16Operating-system specific functionality (Win16).
os_win32Operating-system specific functionality (Win32/WNT).
testTest directory.
txnTransaction manager source code.
xaX/Open Distributed Transaction Processing XA interface.