Berkeley DB: C Interface by Public Structure Elements

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C Interface by Public Structure Elements

Berkeley DB Key/Data Pairs: DBT StructureDescription
dataByte string value
dlenPartial record length
doffPartial record offset
sizeThe length of DBT:data
ulenApplication buffer length
Berkeley DB Environment: DB_ENV StructureDescription
db_errcallAdditional error information
db_errfileAdditional error information
db_errpfxAdditional error information
db_verboseInformational and debugging messages
lg_maxMaximum single log file size
lk_conflictsLock modes
lk_detectDeadlock detector configuration
lk_maxNumber of locks in the table
lk_modesLock modes in the table
mp_mmapsizeSet the maximum mapped file size
mp_sizeSize of the memory pool
tx_infoReturn from txn_open
tx_maxMaximum simultaneous transactions
tx_recoverTransaction abort function
typeThe type of the underlying access method
Berkeley DB Access Methods: DB_INFO StructureDescription
bt_compareBtree Access Method: key comparison function
bt_minkeyBtree Access Method: minimum keys per page
bt_prefixBtree Access Method: prefix comparison function
db_cachesizeSuggested cache size
db_lorderUnderlying database byte order
db_mallocReturned memory allocation function
db_pagesizeUnderlying database page size
dup_compareDuplicate record comparison function
h_ffactorHash Access Method: desired density within the hash table
h_hashHash Access Method: key hash function
h_nelemHash Access Method: estimated table size
re_delimRecno Access Method: variable-length record delimitor
re_lenRecno Access Method: fixed-length record length
re_padRecno Access Method: fixed-length record pad byte
re_sourceRecno Access Method: backing source file
Berkeley DB Locking Subsystem: lockop_t StructureDescription
lockLock reference
modeLock mode
objObject to be locked
opLock operation to be performed
Berkeley DB Shared Memory Buffer Pool: StructuresDescription
clear_lenBytes to clear during page creation
fileidUnique identifier for the file
ftypeFile type
lsn_offsetByte offset of the page LSN
pgcookiePgin/pgout function cookie