Berkeley DB: C Interface by Function

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C Interface by Function

Database Environment FunctionsDescription
db_appinitOpen a Berkeley DB environment
db_appexitClose a Berkeley DB environment
db_versionBerkeley DB version information
Database FunctionsDescription
db_openOpen a database
DB->closeClose a database
DB->cursorOpen a cursor into a database
DB->delDelete items from a database
DB->fdReturn a file descriptor from a database
DB->getGet items from a database
DB->joinPerform a database join on cursors
DB->putStore items into a database
DB->statReturn database statistics
DB->syncFlush a database to stable storage
Database Cursor FunctionsDescription
DBcursor->c_closeClose a cursor
DBcursor->c_delDelete by cursor
DBcursor->c_getRetrieve by cursor
DBcursor->c_putStore by cursor
Lock Manager FunctionsDescription
lock_closeClose a lock region
lock_detectPerform deadlock detection
lock_getAcquire a lock
lock_idAcquire a locker ID
lock_openOpen a lock region
lock_putRelease a lock
lock_statReturn lock region statistics
lock_unlinkRemove a lock region
lock_vecAcquire/release locks
Log Manager FunctionsDescription
log_archiveList log and database files.
log_closeClose a log region.
log_compareCompare two DB_LSNs.
log_fileMap DB_LSNs to log file names.
log_flushFlush log records.
log_getGet a log record.
log_openOpen a log region.
log_putPut a log record.
log_registerRegister a file name with the log manager.
log_statReturn log region statistics.
log_unlinkRemove a log region.
log_unregisterUnregister a file name with the log manager.
Buffer Pool FunctionsDescription
memp_closeClose a buffer pool.
memp_fcloseClose a file in a buffer pool.
memp_fgetGet a page from a file in a buffer pool.
memp_fopenOpen a file in a buffer pool.
memp_fputReturn a page from a buffer pool.
memp_fsetModify meta information for buffer pool page.
memp_fsyncFlush pages from a file in a buffer pool.
memp_openOpen a buffer pool.
memp_registerRegister input/output functions for a file in a buffer pool.
memp_statReturn buffer pool statistics.
memp_syncFlush pages from a buffer pool.
memp_trickleTrickle flush pages from a buffer pool.
memp_unlinkRemove a buffer pool
Transaction Manager FunctionsDescription
txn_abortAbort a transaction
txn_beginBegin a transaction
txn_checkpointCheckpoint the transaction region
txn_closeClose a transaction region
txn_commitCommit a transaction
txn_idReturn a transaction ID
txn_openOpen a transaction region
txn_preparePrepare a transaction for commit
txn_statReturn transaction region statistics
txn_unlinkRemove a transaction region
DB Library ConfigurationDescription
db_jump_setConfigure DB library functions
db_value_setConfigure DB library information
Historic InterfacesDescription
dbmUNIX Dbm/Ndbm Interfaces
hsearchUNIX Hsearch Interfaces