Berkeley DB: C Interface Flags

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C Interface Flags

Berkeley DB Environment: db_appinitDescription
DB_CREATECreate underlying files
DB_INIT_LOCKInitialize the lock subsystem
DB_INIT_LOGInitialize the log subsystem
DB_INIT_MPOOLInitialize the shared memory buffer pool
DB_INIT_TXNInitialized the transaction subsystem
DB_MPOOL_PRIVATECreate a private memory pool
DB_NOMMAPDo not memory map database files
DB_RECOVERRun normal recovery
DB_RECOVER_FATALRun catastrophic recovery
DB_THREADEnable free-threading
DB_TXN_NOSYNCDo not synchronously flush the log on commit
DB_USE_ENVIRONUse environment variables
DB_USE_ENVIRON_ROOTUse environment variables (root only)
Berkeley DB Access MethodsDescription
DB_APPENDAppend to the database
DB_CREATECreate underlying files
DB_DELIMITERSpecify variable-length record delimiter
DB_DUPSupport duplicate data items
DB_DUPSORTSort duplicate data items
DB_FIXEDLENSpecify fixed-length records
DB_NOMMAPDo not map the file
DB_NOOVERWRITEDo not overwrite existing items
DB_NOSYNCDo not flush cached information on close
DB_PADSpecify fixed-length record pad byte
DB_RDONLYOpen the file read-only
DB_RECNUMSupport retrieval from btrees using record numbers
DB_RECORDCOUNTReturn a record count
DB_RENUMBERCause logical record numbers to be mutable
DB_SET_RECNORetrieve a numbered item
DB_SNAPSHOTSnapshot backing source file on startup
DB_THREADEnable free-threading
DB_TRUNCATELogically truncate the database
Berkeley DB Access Method (Cursors)Description
DB_AFTERStore after the cursor
DB_BEFOREStore before the cursor
DB_CURRENTOverwrite the cursor item
DB_FIRSTReturn the first item
DB_GET_RECNOReturn an item's record number
DB_KEYFIRSTStore as the first of duplicates
DB_KEYLASTStore as the last of duplicates
DB_LASTReturn the last item
DB_NEXTReturn the next item
DB_PREVReturn the previous item
DB_SETReturn a specific item
DB_SET_RANGEReturn the smallest item greater than or equal to item
DB_SET_RECNOReturn an item by record number
Berkeley DB Locking SubsystemDescription
DB_CREATECreate underlying files
DB_LOCK_CONFLICTRun deadlock detector if a lock conflict has occurred
DB_LOCK_NOWAITDo not wait for unavailable lock
DB_THREADEnable free-threading
Berkeley DB Logging SubsystemDescription
DB_ARCH_ABSReturn names as absolute paths
DB_ARCH_DATAReturn database files to be archived
DB_ARCH_LOGReturn all log file names
DB_CHECKPOINTCheckpoint the log
DB_CHECKPOINTReturn last checkpoint
DB_CREATECreate underlying files
DB_CURLSNReturn the LSN of the next record
DB_CURRENTReturn current log record
DB_FIRSTReturn first log record
DB_FLUSHFlush the log to disk
DB_LASTReturn last log record
DB_NEXTReturn next log record
DB_PREVReturn previous log record
DB_SETReturn a specific log record
DB_THREADEnable free-threading
Berkeley DB Shared Memory Buffer PoolDescription
DB_CREATECreate underlying files
DB_CREATECreate underlying files
DB_MPOOL_CLEANMark the page clean
DB_MPOOL_CLEANMark the page clean
DB_MPOOL_CREATECreate a specific page
DB_MPOOL_DIRTYMark the page dirty
DB_MPOOL_DIRTYMark the page dirty
DB_MPOOL_DISCARDMark the page for early discard
DB_MPOOL_DISCARDMark the page for early discard
DB_MPOOL_LASTReturn the last page
DB_MPOOL_NEWCreate a new page
DB_MPOOL_PRIVATECreate an unshared memory pool
DB_NOMMAPDo not map any files
DB_NOMMAPDo not map the file
DB_RDONLYEnable free-threading
DB_THREADEnable free-threading
Berkeley DB Transaction SubsystemDescription
DB_CREATECreate underlying files
DB_THREADEnable free-threading
DB_TXN_NOSYNCDo not synchronously flush the log on commit
Berkeley DB System ConfigurationDescription
DB_FUNC_CLOSESystem file close function
DB_FUNC_DIRFREESystem directory listing free function
DB_FUNC_DIRLISTSystem directory listing function
DB_FUNC_EXISTSSystem file exists function
DB_FUNC_FREESystem memory free function
DB_FUNC_FSYNCSystem file sync function
DB_FUNC_IOINFOSystem file I/O information function
DB_FUNC_MALLOCSystem memory allocation function
DB_FUNC_MAPSystem file mapping function
DB_FUNC_OPENSystem file open function
DB_FUNC_READSystem file read function
DB_FUNC_REALLOCSystem memory reallocation function
DB_FUNC_RUNLINKSystem region removal function
DB_FUNC_SEEKSystem file seek function
DB_FUNC_SLEEPSystem sleep function
DB_FUNC_UNLINKSystem file unlink function
DB_FUNC_UNMAPSystem region release function
DB_FUNC_WRITESystem file write function
DB_FUNC_YIELDSystem processor yield function
DB_MUTEXLOCKSToggle mutex locks on/off
DB_REGION_ANONToggle anonymous memory regions
DB_REGION_INITInitialize regions during creation
DB_REGION_NAMEToggle anonymous memory regions
DB_TSL_SPINSSpecify mutex lock spin count