xplot84driver (CCP4: Supported Program)


xplot84driver - X-windows tool, a viewer for Plot84 meta files.


xplot84driver plot84_meta_file


xplot84driver belongs to the XCCPJiffy class of simple X11 graphic based programs. xplot84driver reads a Plot84 Metafile, recognises pictures and interprets them.

xplot84driver uses an X-Windows device and has an option to create a PostScript file.

Running the program xplot84driver creates a Header window with boxes showing:

to exit the program
box containing current Plot84 meta file name
List of Pictures
A list of the pictures stored within the Plot84 metafile. Select the picture to view with the Left Mouse Button. This generates the view window and QUIT in that window closes the window. PLOT creates a PostScript version. (If you want a file then go to the CONTROL panel first.)
Control Panel
Clicking the Left Mouse button here allows one to toggle between Portrait and Landscape for the output Postscript file conversion and the option to specify a Output File for the Postscript file. The Print command is controlled by the XCCPJiffy*psPlotCommand resource. The Quit button exits the control panel.

NOTE ON COLOURS AND LINE STYLES - For Users and Programmers

Where a program allows a user to specify colours in numbers (for example PLUTO), then the user should be aware of the mapping of colour numbers to real colours and to line properties of a black/white PostScript Laser printer. These are controlled via the entries in the X-resource database.

xplot84driver works in colour/linewidth graphic mode, i.e. maps colour numbers given by plot84 file contents to real colours for X graphics and Postscript line attributes. Currently 10 colours are available.

X colours, Postscript line attributes and width are controlled via the entries in X-resource database (see X manual). It is recommended to load X-resources into the X-server database (xrdb). Once the database is loaded, one can optimise it using xrdb to load/merge a personalised set of X-Application Resources.

X mapping is controlled by:

XCCPJiffy.plot84Picture*draw2d.background:      white
XCCPJiffy.plot84Picture*draw2d.color1:          black
XCCPJiffy.plot84Picture*draw2d.col or10:         indigo
Line width is interpreted directly.

Postscript mapping is controlled by:

XCCPJiffy*psColor1:     1 setlinejoin [] 0 setdash
XCCPJiffy*psColor10:    1 setlinejoin [8 1] 0 setdash
Line width is calculated as:
   value from plot84matefile * XCCPJiffy*psBasicLineWidth resource
To check your current setting use for instance
xrdb -query | grep XCCPJiffy | more


X(1), xrdb(1)


DISPLAY to figure out which display to use.


Jan Zelinka - York University