MAPDUMP (CCP4: Supported Program)


mapdump - print a dump of sections of a map file


mapdump mapin
[input line]


mapdump gives an ASCII dump of part or all of a binary map file, specified on the command line with logical name mapin. Map header information is listed first, see library documentation for full description of this. Then map data is listed as a sequence of sections. Each section is divided into pages, each of which contains a maximum of 25 columns. The length of each page is the number of rows in the map grid. Map data are given as the value held in the file multiplied by a scale factor and taken to the nearest integer. The scale factor may need to be adjusted to give useful output.

The program reads three numbers on standard input in free format: the first and last section numbers of the map to be printed and the scale factor by which to multiply the contents. The default (obtained with input of `/') is to print the first section at unit scaling. An immediate end-of-file on the input causes the program to print only the map header (no sections). Any of the keywords 'RUN' 'GO' or 'END' can be used instead of the end-of-file to start the program running.

See Also

maplib.html: documentation on map format and library of routines for reading/writing map files.


Phil Evans