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5. Credits

5.1 Portability testing

  • David L. Nicol ( tested bftpd on Tru64.
  • JackRipper ( tested bftpd on BSD/OS and DG-UX.
  • Christian Beyerlein ( tested bftpd on FreeBSD and Solaris.
  • The people from #linux (IRCNet) tested bftpd on various operating systems.

5.2 Suggestions, bug reports & code contributions

  • Josh Woodcock ( gave some hints about Solaris 8.
  • Floh ( suggested the ASCII mode support.
  • Erik Hensema ( found a Linux 2.4.0 netfilter bug which affected bftpd.
  • Heiko Rother ( suggested a lot of things (see changelog).
  • Christophe Bailleux ( loves to find problems in the directory listing routines. He also suggested a lot of things and contributed some code.
  • Jonathan Heusser ( found a buffer overflow bug.
  • Christian Beyerlein ( suggested to make user aliases.
  • Elmusafir ( reported the StarOffice problem fixed in 1.0.8.
  • Alex Madden ( and Daniel Mack ( reported the Solaris imcompatibility fixed in 1.0.8.
  • Daniel Mack ( contributed a big patch (see changelog).

5.3 Documentation contributions

  • Radek Michalski ( translates the bftpd docs into Polish and also contributes new text.

5.4 Others

  • Some ideas about code structure and portability where taken from betaftpd bei Steinar H. Gunderson. But these were only a few lines!

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